Intellect Lab™ Hardware Engineering

Intellect Lab™ can design a circuit board or finished product, we will communicate with you every step of the way. With the finished product we will supply you with detailed documentation to assure an easy revision process and trouble free fabrication of the product.

High Level System Design

Architecture Design
Engineering Specification Design

Printed Circuit Board Design, Schematics

Schematic capture
Design block level per customer specifications
Design rule check
Net List
All related documentation of design and schematics in release format

PCB Layout

PCB layout for a wide variety of PCB types (high density, multilayer, SMT, through hole)
Design and layout of PCB for manufacturability and testability
Design and layout of PCB circuits for various frequency and regulatory requirements
All related documentation of PCB including Gerbers, bill of materials with approved suppliers, component placement files, assembly drawing

Mechanical Design

Industrial Design
Stress & Thermal Analysis
Sheet metal enclosure
Jigs & test Fixtures
Plastic parts
Injection molding
Composite such as Carbon, Fiberglass, Kevlar

Intellect Lab™ will not agree to any job that we do not feel that we are best suited for. In fact, we will probably recommend someone who might be a better fit. If we cannot do it well, we simply will not do it.

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