Intellect Lab "12"

1) Speed:
Unlike some of our larger competitors, we do not have the "red-tape", or large corporate hindrances that impede our ability to do our job. If we agree to a job, we start that same day, and finish on the agreed schedule or before.

2) Focus:
Our engineers are not working on multiple projects concurrently except in a situation where we may be waiting for a part to arrive. The engineer assigned to your account on a particular job is thinking only about your job.

3) Flexibility:
We have the ability to work with you in many ways. If you have a particular need that is unique. Lets discuss it.

4) Expertise:
Our team is not made up of recent graduates. They are experienced in many aspects of the industry not just engineering. They understand the needs of most of our clients, and work diligently to address those needs.

5) Innovation:
Due to our vast experience with many types of projects, products, and customers we may have the insight to help you find a solution that you may not have thought of internally.

6) Communication:
We have been on your side of the table also. We understand what not getting a hold of a partner can do. We hate that helpless feeling every bit as much as you do. You'll communicate with us and know what the status is regularly. You will receive a daily status report.

7) Collaboration:
We have also worked very closely with our partners at their site. If you need an expert onsite for a particular project we can be there.

8) Partners:
We have partners and consultants in every area of technology. If we are not completely sure of something, these consultants are available to us 24/7 to assure our success with your project.

9) Location:
We are in Fremont California, which is the northeastern part of the Silicon Valley. We feel that location is important. We generally are in the know. Our engineers have a tremendous opportunity to continually educate themselves and make new strategic relationships due to our location.

10) Relationship:
In your positive interaction with Intellect Lab, you will know our team. Periodically, the engineering team will get out into the field to meet you in person. We feel strongly in building solid relationships with our clients. E-mail, faxes and phone calls have their place in business, but nothing will take the place of a handshake and a smile.

11) Confidentiality:
Our customers can feel secure in our commitment to confidentiality. We work with the top names in the industry. Intellect Lab personnel take confidentiality very seriously.

12) Cost Savings:
Cost is important. By using Intellect Lab, you can have less full-time permanent employees on staff. This of course means much lower overhead. To further save money, you will find that Intellect Lab is one of the most competitive engineering houses that you will find.

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