Here are just a few of our clients...

Analog Devices, Inc.
Analog Devices (NYSE: ADI) is a semiconductor company that develops, manufactures, and markets high-performance integrated circuits (ICs) used in signal-processing applications. The company's largest single product group is general-purpose Standard Linear ICs (SLICs), which include data converters and amplifiers. ADI has also become a major Digital Signal Processing (DSP) IC supplier, providing both general-purpose DSPs and highly integrated application-specific devices that combine analog and digital signal-processing capability in a single IC.
ASCOR manufactures a complete offering of VXI, PXI and GPIB Switching and Digital Modules for communication, industrial, medical, scientific and military/aerospace automatic test applications.
Cisco's end-to-end enterprise network solutions form the most comprehensive line of networking products available in the industry. From the branch office to the WAN and campus backbone, Cisco products are the leading choice of the enterprise.
CloudShield's Telco Packet Server is the first carrier class networking device to forgo the transport function and focus solely on high-performance packet processing. Just as original Telco servers were developed to ensure the reliability and availability of the public switched telephone network, CloudShield's Telco Packet Server was designed to do the same for next-generation IP networks.
Conexant Systems, Inc.
Conexant Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CNXT) is a leading provider of solutions for imaging, audio, video, and Internet connectivity applications, and holds leadership positions in the major segments it addresses.
Cypress Semiconductor
Cypress is a diversified, broadline supplier of high-performance integrated circuits for network infrastructure and access equipment.
DigitalPersona provides its customers with a convenient and secure means of digital identification that ensures convenient interaction with digital systems, and a safe journey through the wonders of Cyberspace. Interactive digital systems present us with new, life-enhancing opportunities and experiences, and are becoming integral to our personal and professional lives. In order to make use of these product advancements we must be able to identify ourselves to them, and doing so must be as easy as reaching out to shake a hand.
An innovative company that provides our customers with unique solutions including software and hardware, system consulting, after-sales services and support.
Garuda Networks
Garuda Networks combines multiple technologies into a single service creation vehicle. Garuda brings Voice, Video and Data services to carriers and enterprise customers through broadband connections today. Funded in 2000, Garuda Networks corporate headquarters are in Fremont California, with offices in Irvine California, as well as Russia and India.
Intel's major customers are Distributors, Original Equipment Manufacturers of computer systems and peripherals, and PC users who buy Intel's PC enhancements, business communications products and networking products through reseller, retail and OEM channels, and other manufacturers, including makers of a wide range of industrial and telecommunications equipment.
Offering 4.1Mbytes of secure data capacity, the credit-card size LaserCard is a versatile storage medium for personal medical records, ID card systems, document storage, point of sale transactions and many other medical, business, consumer and government applications.
MARGI Systems
The world's leading provider of multimedia products for mobile systems. MARGI has products in the areas of video capture, TV capture, video conferencing, DVD decoding, DVD authoring, personal video headsets, and display adapters. MARGI means "trailblazer" in the Indian language of Sanskrit.
National Semiconductor
National Semiconductor is the premier analog company driving the information age. Combining real-world analog and state-of-the-art digital technology, the company is focused on analog-based semiconductor products, which include stand-alone devices and subsystems in the areas of power management, imaging, display drivers, audio, amplifiers and data conversion.
Patton Electronics
A leader in the production of network access and connectivity products including, dial-up (V.90) and dedicated (xDSL) access servers, network termination units (NTUs), base-band and short-range modems, fiber-optic modems, interface converters and surge protectors.
Pegasus Glassworks
Pegasus Glassworks, Inc. is an ISO 9002 qualified glass manufacturer. The company supplies specialty glass products to manufacturing, governmental and research facilities around the world. Pegasus has the in-house capability for engineering formulations and processing glass melts, shaping the glass using a state-of-the-art extrusion process, and drawing the extruded shape to various sizes and multi­fiber configurations.
Photonify Technologies, Inc.
Based upon recent technology breakthroughs, Photonify's Diffuse Optical Imaging and Spectroscopy (DOIS) systems make it possible to provide non-invasive imaging of specific physiological characteristics of human tissues. The large array of potential applications of DOIS provides tremendous opportunities for the company's growth.
Power Line Networks
PLN has developed proprietary technologies that enable high quality communications using the AC power line in homes and small offices. The ready availability of AC wiring and power outlets in the home provides networking convenience with no additional wiring costs. PLN is dedicated to making the AC power line the primary communications medium for networking in homes and small offices.
Since 1985, Qualcomm’s visionary technology leadership has been carrying the world forward, changing it by improving the way people communicate, work and live. And with that same pioneering spirit, Qualcomm is still innovating, still chipping away at the boundaries of what’s possible, still changing the world, one idea at a time.
Royce Instruments, Inc.
For over 23 years, Royce Instruments, Inc. has been an innovative global leader for design and manufacturing of precision assembly tools and high accuracy, low force bond testing equipment. Our products include equipment for laser diode manufacturing, wire bond and die bond testing, semiconductor die pick and place into trays, waffle pack, and GelPak™
Seismic Warning Systems, Inc.
Seismic Warning Systems (SWS) develops, manufactures and markets QuakeGuardTM products and services, which provide early warning of destructive earthquakes to commercial, residential, industrial and government markets. QuakeGuard minimizes property damage, protects equipment, and prevents human injury and loss of life.
Founded in 1974 by Federico Faggin, the inventor of the world's first microprocessor, ZiLOG builds semiconductor products that enable design engineers to break through the barriers to creativity and innovation in embedded design. ZiLOG is the inventor of the award-winning Z80 and Z8 microchip architectures that have been embedded in over a billion end-use devices worldwide. Companies get more innovative products to market faster because ZiLOG products and design tools help them turn their imagination into consumer appliances, remote controls, vending machines, telecommunications controllers, home automation systems, spacecraft instrumentation, industrial automation systems, and thousands of other products.

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