Industry Links

Asian American Manufacturers Association
A non-profit organization of corporations and individuals, AAMA promotes the growth and success of U.S. technology manufacturing and related enterprises throughout the Pacific Rim. Founded in 1980 AMA represents more than 650 members from over 550 companies in the United States and Asia.
American Electronics Association
AeA is the nations' largest high-tech trade association. Founded in 1943, AeA has more than 3,500 member companies that span the high-technology spectrum, from software, semiconductors and computers to Internet technology, advanced electronics and telecommunications systems and services. With 17 regional U.S. councils and offices in Brussels and Beijing, AeA offers unique global policy grassroots capability and a wide portfolio of valuable business services and products for the high0tech industry. For 57 years, AeA has been the accepted voice of the U.S. technology community.
Jewish High Tech Community
An association of Jewish high-tech professionals interested in networking with their peers and learning more about high technology trends in Silicon Valley from respected industry leaders. The JHTC is an affiliate of the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation, South Peninsula Region, and the Jewish Federation of Greater San Jose.

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