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George Gray, Chairman & CEO
Power Line Networks Inc.
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PLN to Utilize Intellect Lab Expertise in Technology Launch

Start-up to use Intellect Lab's holistic approach
for helping high-tech companies

SAN JOSE, CA (May 6, 2002) - Power Line Networks Inc. (PLN), a San Jose start-up focused on developing solutions for using electrical wiring in homes for communications, has announced a strategic agreement with Intellect Lab of Fremont, CA. Intellect Lab will provide engineering and marketing services to PLN in order to help implement and launch PLN's product line.

The PLN-Intellect Lab agreement illustrates the high tech startup's need to focus on identifying product opportunities and on the technology requirements for such products. According to PLN Founder and CEO George Gray, "As with most high tech startups, our strength is product marketing and developing the technologies required by our new products. These skills are the assets we use to create value, and we have to invest in building up these assets. The deal with Intellect Lab allows us to focus our limited resources on these areas while Intellect Lab provides for us the other skills that are also necessary to successfully launch products into the market"

"While PLN concentrates on the entrepreneurial skills required to identity product and technology development opportunities, we supplement their efforts by having an engineering infrastructure in place that can make sure products are low cost and manufacturable. We provide an engineering implementation service to PLN's technologists." according to Andrew Yaung, CEO of Intellect Lab. Intellect Lab will also provide marketing services to PLN. According to Gray, "We have the strategic insights and the product marketing know-how. We will use Intellect Lab for some of the other traditional marketing tasks that are needed to launch products into the market."

Intellect Lab offers individual services such as design engineering and manufacturing for its larger clients (i.e. Intel, Analog Devices). For startups and smaller companies such as PLN, they offer a wide range of management and consulting services that is integrated and holistic in its approach. The multiple services provided are coordinated at a high management level to ensure that the client's product and marketing objectives are achieved efficiently. According to Roland Marcello, who is Intellect Lab's project leader for PLN, "Our approach was to understand PLN's business goals and the philosophies that centered around its Founder and CEO George Gray. We then arrived at a multi-service program complementing their skills and targeted at reaching their objectives within a realistic time frame. Now, it is a matter of implementation. We have measurable milestones to achieve such as cost savings, shortened product development cycle times, and time to market."

Details on the agreement are confidential and were not provided. However, it was disclosed that Roland Marcello, a VP at Intellect Lab, has been appointed to the PLN board of directors, and that part of Intellect Lab's compensation would be in the form of options to purchase PLN stock. Marcello previously acted as a temporary operating executive at a number of portfolio companies of a startup venture fund.

About Power Line Networks Inc.

PLN is a California corporation founded on September 7, 1999. The Company has unique new technology that transforms the electrical wiring in residences into a ready to use cable that can connect all the electronic systems in the home to each other for communications purposes. PLN provides solutions for interfacing home entertainment (TV, DVD, VCR, audio), home computing (computers, computer peripherals) and home automation (appliances, environmental control, security) systems to the electrical wiring for transmitting video, audio, telephone and data information through power outlets. PLN's initial products transmit TV and audio signal over the power line. Future products will transmit computer and home automation information, and will bridge wireless networks to the power line.

About Intellect Lab

Intellect Lab is an engineering house that can successfully complete jobs in any area of electronics. Services offered include:
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