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Contact: Neal Greenberg
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Intellect Lab
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Fremont, CA
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Intellect Lab Announces New Rewards Program

IntellectRewards to Give Travel and Merchandise
to Customers of Engineering and Manufacturing Services

FREMONT, CA (September 3rd, 2002) Intellect Lab, a high tech services company has just announced its IntellectRewardsTM program. Intellect Lab customers will earn point for every dollar spent. The IntellectRewardsTM catalog is full of travel and merchandise that can be redeemed with the points.

"Intellect Lab is always trying to think out of the box. We do what our logo portrays." says Neal Greenberg, Intellect Labs VP of Sales & Marketing. "Intellect Lab always looks to add value to our offerings. We have added value in our customer service and pricing policies, but we started asking how we could add value after the job was completed IntellectRewards is the result of that question."

"Our customers work hard and can use a break after a long project. Intellect Lab has a special relationship our customers and would like to help with a well-deserved vacation. We joke that we might even be willing to watch your vacation slideshow...maybe." adds Greenberg.

Reward redemption can start for as low as 750 points. Customers who wish to forgo the program will instead be offered a 2% discount on our services. The program will end June 30, 2003. At that time it may be extended should Intellect Lab decide to, otherwise the points will be valid for a period of time after the conclusion of the program. Information on the program is available at:

About Intellect Lab

Intellect Lab is a high tech service provider based in Fremont, CA. Intellect Lab's core business includes engineering, manufacturing, and marketing services to high tech companies. By implementing marketing and engineering simultaneously, Intellect Lab can better help its clients achieve the overall goal of profitability. Intellect Lab clients include a range of entities from start-up companies to multi-billion dollar corporations.