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Contact: Neal Greenberg
Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Intellect Lab
44081 Old Warm Springs Blvd.
Fremont, CA
(510) 659-1527 x13

Intellect Lab to Give Up to 25% Discount to
Anti-Terror Companies

"We Want to Be a Part of the Solution"

FREMONT, CA (Nov. 19, 2001) -Intellect Lab, a young engineering and manufacturing services company, will offer a discount of up to 25% on engineering and manufacturing services to any company that is involved in marketing products that can be used to fight terrorism or make life safer for Americans. Examples of such products include but are not limited to: digital recognition, firewall, any security, military, or biohazard products.

According to Intellect Lab's VP sales & marketing, Neal Greenberg, "Intellect Lab, is a company made up of individuals who were born in the United States and naturalized citizens from other countries. We were sitting around one day discussing how much we all loved our country, and what might be the best way for our company to be a part of the solution. We eventually came up with the discount idea partly because we already work with at least two companies who fit in the discount category."

Companies who would like to investigate this offer should call or email the Intellect Lab sales department and mention that they would like to be considered under Intellect Lab's Anti Terrorist Initiative. The phone number is (510) 659-1527.

About Intellect Lab

Intellect Lab is an engineering house that can successfully complete jobs in any area of electronics. Services offered include:
  • Design and Schematic
  • PCB Layout
  • Prototype Manufacturing
  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly Testing
  • Product-Level Testing
  • Turnkey Manufacturing
  • RMA Testing and Repair
Intellect Lab has the expertise to handle any project. The focus of Intellect Lab is repeat business. The Intellect Lab 12 assure that our goal of repeat business is attained.