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Intellect Lab To Help Semiconductor Companies Sell More Chips

"FAE Teammate" Helps Semiconductor Company's Customers

LAS VEGAS, NV - COMDEX (November 25, 2002) - Intellect Lab, an engineering services company has announced the formalization of a pre-existing service they have been successfully supplying to semiconductor companies. The formalized program has been dubbed as the "FAE Teammate Program".

Intellect Lab has been working as a partner or "teammate" with FAEs, at semiconductor companies. The overall goal of any semiconductor company is to sell chips. Intellect Lab, works with semiconductor companies on developing reference boards. Intellect Lab then works with the FAEs at the semiconductor company to help give their customers the required tools to integrate the chip in their finished product. This may be in the form of modifying the reference board or helping to work out technical issues.

The service makes sense for both large established semiconductor companies and newer, smaller, fables companies. Many larger semiconductor companies cannot move fast enough because the FAE does not have the tools internally to get modifications made to reference boards. This slows chip sales to prospects. Many newer, fabless semiconductor companies do not have the tools to deal with special requests from potential customers because they have a smaller infrastructure. This is where the "FAE Teammate" program comes in. Intellect Lab can work with the semiconductor company and their client to analyze what their clients' need and work with the client to integrate the chips into their product as fast as possible.

Semiconductor companies based outside of the U.S. can also benefit. Some companies have only a sales office, or very limited technical presence in the U.S. Their salespeople need local technical expertise to help make modifications or tackle technical issues for potential clients. The FAE-Teammate program can address many of these issues without the need to hire more people.

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