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Intellect Lab to Give Away Free Schmartboards

Engineering Company Uses Schmartboard to Increase Business

Fremont, CA (December 15th, 2003)-Intellect Lab a company that offers engineering and manufacturing services has started giving away Schmartboard sampler packs as an incentive to companies that allow Intellect Lab the opportunity to quote on projects.

Companies who allow Intellect Lab the opportunity to quote on jobs will be given a Schmartboard sampler pack as a thank you. Intellect Lab feels that their aggressive pricing, exceptional references, and no surprises fee structure, closes business and keeps customers coming back. Intellect Lab has been looking for a way to get the word out on these advantages. Offering free Schmartboards, a technology invented by Intellect Lab, is a good way to do this. Details of the program are available at

The Schmartboard solution allows one instead in a matter of hours to put together a board and instantly make modifications as one needs to. With Schmartboard one does not have to order a custom PCB initially or deal with wire-wrap boards. Schmartboards are pre-traced printed circuit boards that are connectable like building blocks. We call this patented product, "Electronic Circuit Building Blocks". They allow one to build electronic circuits on a SchmartBoard block by block, and then connect the blocks together to form a functional board. Because the boards are pre-traced, the need for wire jumpers is minimized, as opposed to breadboards or wire-wrap boards.

About Intellect Lab

Intellect Lab is a high tech service provider based in Fremont, CA and founded in 2001. Intellect Lab's core business includes engineering and manufacturing services to high tech companies. Intellect Lab clients include a range of entities from start-up companies to multi-billion dollar corporations. Intellect Lab's website is at

About SchmartBOARD

SchmartBOARD™ is committed to helping engineers, students and hobbyists develop electronic circuits faster, easier, and less expensively than previously possible. Schmartboard's patent pending Electronic Circuit Building Blocks makes this possible. More information about Schmartboard can be found at